Monday, August 3, 2015

Climb Mt Whitney In 2015 - Good Dates Still Available

October 1 is a fine time to climb Mt Whitney but keep a weather eye to the sky
Just took a look at remaining Mt Whitney availabilities. As of August 2, 2015, 44 people can still sign up for a single-day climb on Thursday, October 1. While the weekends are still booked solid, early October has tons of weekday availabilities. However, the weather can be extremely changeable.  Any precipitation will be frozen above 9,000 feet or so. Having said that, bluebird days are not unknown in October so there's potential for beautifully clear, cool conditions as well. Extra clothing and proper footwear are a must, just in case.

To check availabilities, go to  Enter "Mt Whitney" in the search box. Choose 'Day Use" under "Permits and Wilderness" Hit "Enter Date" on the next screen. In the "Permit Availability" box enter a date and group size. Don't be too fine with the date. Once in, you can slide the calender in two week increments either way.

If October 1 doesn't float your boat, keep checking back and refreshing the screen occasionally. Someone might return all or part of their permit more than 48 hours before their climb date, thereby creating a possibility for an earlier slot. Be ready to pounce, though. Others are lurking over the permit calender as well. That open slot might close in a few minutes.

As for multi-day trips up the Main Trail, the earliest opening is currently mid-October.  However, the same basic rules apply so check often for an earlier opportunity.

Don't forget to reserve space at Whitney Portal for some pre-climb acclimation and post-climb slumber.

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