Monday, January 13, 2014

Mt Whitney Class January 29, 2014 AD (Free)

Behind this imposing edifice lies the finest Mt Whitney class in its price range
I will be holding an REI Outdoor School class for climbing Mt Whitney on Wednesday, January 29 at REI Northridge, 18605 Devonshire Street in fabulous Northridge, CA.  Call (818) 831-5555 and make your reservation now or follow the link above and find the class in the class list.  We'll have a full house so get 'er done.  I'll cover everything from permits to preparation.  Pictures and everything.  It will be funny.  Come on down!


  1. Hi Jerry, I attended your free class at the Northridge REI in early April. Since then, my wife and I have followed your jogging and hiking regimen (albeit with a compressed schedule and a few amendments due to illness and travel). We finished the non-Whitney portion of your "dirty dozen" yesterday (doing the last seven of them with fully loaded packs) on San Bernardino Peak, with a nice mountain thundershower on our descent. We're hiking the High Sierra Trail beginning August 6th with the plan to summit Mt. Whitney on the 12th. I can't wait. I'd never even heard of the HST route to Mt. Whitney prior to your REI presentation. Thanks for all the advice! Happy hiking.

  2. sounds like you're ready, Glenn. go get 'em. And bring a headnet!

  3. Our High Sierra Trail trek was a success, despite a crazy, all-day "thundersleet" storm during our descent of Mt. Whitney on Monday. Thanks again for the advice here on your blog and at the REI seminar- especially the part about getting a burger from Doug at the Whitney Portal store.

    1. Glad everything went well. I know summiting Mt Whitney was a completely secondary objective to getting a burger at the Portal Store. :) Of course, pictures would be a big help. Congratulations!


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